Natural Environment

Nature has blessed the village of Agios Theodoros Pitsilias with its most beautiful colours and scents, this way creating magical images. Green pieces of land covered by trees, bushes and colourful flowers spread along the entire village. 

All this beauty is also linked to the love and care of the residents of the village for nature. For years they would plant trees and fence areas of the village, this way creating small forests. Additionally, the creation of these small forestry areas was contributed by the abandonment of the vineyards and the absence of flocks. In particular, these areas were in the past cultivated pieces of land covered with vineyards, whereas flocks would eat the small growing pines while foraging, this way making it harder for them to develop.  

A special place is held by old trees standing on the land of Agios Theodoros for years as though they are the sleepless guards of the community. These include a terebinth which is near the church of Virgin Mary, an oak tree known as the “oak of Koutsoftas” and a pine tree also known as the “pine of Koutsoftas”. What is worth mentioning is that these trees are protected by the Department of Forests. 

Following below is a table presenting the flora and fauna one can meet at the village, as these are presented in the book of Agios Theodoros*.

Types of Flora

Greek Strawberry tree Thyme Cistus
Oleander Caper Poppy
Black straw Watercress Oregano
Rubus Golden Oak Sumac
Cyprian Donkey Thistle Sweet Fennel Terebinth
Tumbleweed Rosea Pigweed
Mosphilla or Mediterranean Medlar    

Types of fauna

Lizard Owl Eurasia Nightjar
Fox Lapwings Pigeons
Star lizard Carrion Buzzard Swift
Hare Masked Shrike Eurasian Hoopoe
Sand viper snake Wagtail Swallow
Hedgehog Black Billed Magpie  Cretzchmar’s Bunting
Snake Common Kestrel Wheatear
  Eurasian Golden Oriole Buzzard
  Eurasian Jagdaw Sparrow
  Little Owl Song Thrush
  Eurasian Blackbird Lark
  Eurasian Woodcock Europea Turtle Dove
  Bat Common Wood Pigeon
  Eared Owl  

Agios Theodoros Pitsilias Community Council
*Koronides K. Andreas, Agios Theodoros Pitsilias...standing on 1023 metres, 2010, published by the Community Council of Agios Theodoros of Agros and the Association “Friends of Agios Theodoros of Agros”



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